Lafomed 23l Compact LINE - medical class B autoclave

with built-in thermal printer, free technical passport!

Lafomed is a brand of high-end autoclaves that have gained recognition in over 50 countries around the globe. Autoclaves meet all standards and medical directives. These devices are characterized by low failure rate. Their microprocessors use the latest generation electronic modules. Lafomed autoclaves are highly effective and durable, and their operation is simple and intuitive.

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The Lafomed autoclave from the Compact Line series is especially recommended for hospital wards, dentistry and ophthalmology, and for Biology Institutes conducting research projects. Perfect for hairdressing and beauty salons, tattoo studios or aesthetic medicine salons. The device is intended for sterilization of both medical and non-medical tools. Manufactured on special request, Activeshop has features that cannot be found in other autoclaves, which makes this product particularly unique. Autoclave sterilization of the highest medical class ensures full effectiveness and safety.

It is a compact device that connects an autoclave with a built-in thermal printer. It has an LCD display and a USB port that allows you to connect a data carrier to save the results of the cycle. It has 10 fully automatic programs; 7 sterilization programs, 2 test programs and an autoclave cleaning program.

In addition, it also has a user program function that allows complete freedom in selecting parameters. The menu is intuitive and the user-friendly interface is in Polish. The pre-heat and keep warm function will also prove useful.

The Lafomed Compact Line autoclave is distinguished by the availability of quick sterilization programs with the possibility of controlling the drying time. The shortest sterilization program including drying takes only 7 minutes. The device has a built-in clean (distilled) water tank, which is used for sterilization, as well as a used water tank, with the possibility of drainage at the front of the device. The self-diagnosis system will effectively protect against damage and preserve the durability of the device. Additional security will be provided by the double door lock system. What distinguishes it from other Lafomed autoclaves is the extremely large capacity of tanks for clean and used water - up to 2.5 liters! Thanks to this, we will not have to add and empty water frequently.

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Autoclave applications

The B-class autoclave is ideal for medical, cosmetic, dental offices, etc. - wherever there is a significant need or sanitary requirements for sterilization of tools and materials.

Beauty salons

Autoclave sterilization in a beauty salon


Autoclave sterilization in medicine

Piercing Studies

Autoclave sterilization in piercing salons

Barber Betting

Autoclave sterilization in a barber shop

Tattoo studios

Autoclave sterilization in tattoo studios

Hairdressing salons

Autoclave sterilization in a hairdressing salon

Dental offices

Autoclave sterilization in a dentist's office

Veterinary Offices

Autoclave sterilization in a veterinary office

Autoclaves can also be used for non-medical applications, e.g. in beauty and wellness salons, and in veterinary practices, beauty salons, tattoo studios, piercings and hairdressing salons.

The steam-pressure sterilizer is successfully used for sterilization:

  • reusable tools
  • face masks
  • cotton towels for patients
  • fleece clothing
  • glasses
  • googles
  • helmets
  • dental tips
  • scalpel handles
  • reusable scalpels
  • pincers
  • endoscopes
  • microdermabrasion diamond pads
  • files
  • plastic items
  • hairdressing tools: combs, brushes
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Kit contents

Autoclave, drain hose, basket with trays, power cord, tray stand, handle for removing trays, fuse, manual in English Polish, technical passport.

Warranty is extendable (24 + 12)

The Lafomed Standard Line autoclave is subject to a 24-month warranty. It is worth mentioning here that the warranty is not dependent on the number of autoclave cycles. It is possible to extend the warranty by another 12 months, provided that a paid technical inspection is carried out at an authorized service center before the expiry of the basic warranty. This is an option that applies to devices purchased from August 22, 2022. In addition, a free technical passport is also included!

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Tech Spec

Medical class B
This is the highest class of autoclaves that allow the most effective sterilization of unpackaged and packed items, without depending on the type of tools.
High-quality workmanship
Autoclave made according to ISO 13485 and CE 1023 certified. It also meets the requirements of the European Standard BS EN 13060: 2014 + A1: 2018.
Capacity 23 L
The relatively large capacity allows the sterilization of more tools and items. The 23-liter autoclave is perfect for, for example, a beauty or tattoo salon.
Built-in printer
It does not require ink thanks to the use of thermal paper. < / dd>
Sterilization of instruments in bulk or in bundles
A class B autoclave can sterilize both unwrapped instruments and wrapped instruments (solid or hollow). < / dd>
LED display
Indicates time, temperature and pressure.
Easy and efficient operation
Intuitive menu allows you to quickly select a program or set parameters, and the user-friendly interface is in Polish.
10 automatic programs
7 sterilization programs, 2 test programs; Bowie & Dick and vacuum test and cleaning program.
Short sterilization
The fastest program is 7 minutes including drying. The autoclave also has an option controlling the drying time.
Built-in tanks for clean and used water
The capacity of each container is 2, 5 liters. The clean water tank is intended for distilled or deionized water, which will be used for sterilization. The presence of a used water tank means that we do not need to remember about an external container. The used (and clean) water drain is on the front of the unit.
Self-diagnosis system
Effective protection against damage.
304 stainless steel chamber
This makes it extremely durable and more aesthetic, and testifies to the high quality of the device.
Double door lock
Advanced mechanical and electronic door security system.
Meets Sanepid requirements
Sanepid and UDT should be informed about the purchase of this autoclave.
High-quality bacterial filter
Replaceable every 150 cycles, filters available in our store.


Certifications & Standards
CE 1023, ISO 13485,
BS EN 13060: 2014 + A1: 2018
2.4 KW
Voltage < / dt>
230 V
50/60 Hz
Maximum operating temperature
137 ℃
Maximum operating pressure
240 kPa
Design pressure
- 0.1 / 0.27 MPa
Set valve pressure safety
0.24 MPa
Time control
4-60 min
Drying time
1-25 mins
Vacuum times
1-10 times
Package dimensions
73 cm x 57 cm x 51 cm
Weight with packaging
63 kg
Net weight
< dd class = "value" 55 kg
Chamber Dimensions
Diameter: 25 cm, Depth: 45 cm
Tray dimensions
39 cm x 18.5 cm x 2 cm, 39 cm x 22 cm x 2 cm
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