Effective surface disinfection
Ready-to-use spray liquid for professional surface disinfection in beauty salons, hairdressing salons, solariums, SPA and fitness centers, as well as massage, manicure, pedicure and tattoo rooms. Modern technology based on quaternary ammonium compounds without ethanol, aldehydes and phenols is a complete protection against infections.
A wide spectrum of action
Effectively destroys all bacteria (including: staphylococci such as MRSA, Pseudomonas a., Enterococcus h., Tbc tuberculosis, Escherichia Coli), fungi (Candida albicans) and viruses including BVDV, Vaccinia, HIV (AIDS), H1N1, HBV and HCV (Hepatitis B and C).
Safe for health
Free of aldehydes and phenols, it does not cause allergic reactions and irritation.
Safe for tools and accessories
Safety of use in the case of disinfection of acrylic surfaces (solarium), stainless steel, ceramics, plastic, combs, brushes, rollers, straighteners, curlers, scissors, appliances, couches, armchairs, washbasins, furniture, floors and other cosmetic and hairdressing accessories.
The spray has a rust protection formula. It does not leave stains on the skin or on dirty surfaces.
Quick disinfection for all surfaces.
Spray the surface with BARBICIDE, wait the required contact time with the surface and wipe it off.
Barbicide disinfecting wipes are recommended for removing dirt from mechanical surfaces, followed by spraying the surface with Spray.
Disinfection time: minimum 1 minute, recommended for full operation 3 minutes.
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