Alcohol-free foam preparation for quick disinfection and washing of delicate surfaces, equipment and other organically contaminated medical devices. Especially recommended for delicate surfaces - not resistant to alcohol.
ready-to-use preparation
has a wide spectrum of activity, including bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses, including blood-derived viruses, including HCV, HBV and HIV
effective in the presence of organic substances in just 5 minutes
free from alcohol, aldehydes, phenol and chlorine
high material compatibility - especially recommended for disinfecting and washing surfaces sensitive to alcohol, e.g. armchairs, treatment beds, cables, massage belts and beds, incubators, acrylic bathtubs, worktops, etc.
has excellent washing properties
suitable for use with surfaces that come in contact with food
the foam form eliminates the risk of inhalation of the aerosol generated when spraying the agent
convenient and quick form of application possible in two ways - a bottle equipped with a double tip (foaming / spraying)
after use, the preparation does not leave streaks and sediments, and the disinfected surface does not stick and does not require rinsing
leaves a pleasant scent
Packaging: 1 l with a foaming and spraying tip,
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