Aerodesin 2000

An alcohol-based disinfectant for quick disinfection of small and hard-to-reach surfaces, tools and objects.

Product characteristics:

- broad biocidal spectrum, fights bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses

- fast action time

- easily reaches hard-to-reach places and crevices

- disinfection can be carried out by spraying and wiping

- convenient and quick form of application - each 1-liter bottle is equipped with a spray tip

- has a pleasant, delicate fragrance

- does not leave stains, streaks or sediment on disinfected surfaces

- ready-to-use preparation - it must not be diluted

- high efficiency - with 1 liter of the preparation, 20 - 30 m2 of surface can be disinfected

Chemical composition:

100 g of the preparation contains: 1-propanol - 32.5, ethanol - 18 g, glutaraldehyde - 0.1 g

Application: ready to use preparation - do not dilute. Cover the surfaces to be disinfected evenly with the preparation (max. 50 ml / m2) by spraying or with a damp cloth. Spray the surfaces with the preparation from a distance of approx. 30 cm. Disinfect a maximum of 2 m2 of surface at a time. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol (e.g. plexiglass, some plastics, paints, varnishes). If in doubt, test the effect of the preparation on a given surface. Use protective gloves while working with the preparation.

Accepted by all health authorities.

Distributor of MEDILAB, producer Lysoform GmbH, Germany

Capacity: 1l

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