AHD 2000

Alcoholic preparation for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands, skin and treatment area.

Product characteristics:

- shows immediate effect

- shows a prolonged effect (more than 3 hours) confirmed by tests

- has a wide spectrum of action; bactericidal against Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria (including Tbc), fungicidal; fully virucidal according to DVV (including HIV, HBV, HCV)

- it is effective even in the presence of organic pollutants, such as blood, albumin

- works very gently on the skin; it is well tolerated even with frequent use by people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies

- contains ethanol and skin care substances

- the addition of moisturizing substances prevents the skin from drying out

- does not hinder the healing of wounds

- makes it easier to put on and adhere protective gloves

- does not leave any chemicals on the skin that weigh down and irritate the skin

- the preparation has a pleasant, fleeting smell

- 1 liter bottles are adapted to typical wall arm dispensers

Chemical composition:

100 g of the preparation contains: ethanol - 79.9 g, butan-2-one - 0.75 g, essential oils - 0.02 g, stabilizer - 0.63 g, purified water ad 100 g


HYGIENIC HAND DISINFECTION - apply 3 ml of the preparation on previously thoroughly washed and wiped with a disposable towel. Thoroughly rub into the skin of hands until dry (about 30 seconds). The preparation is used undiluted!

SURGICAL HAND DISINFECTION - apply 5 ml of the preparation to thoroughly washed and then wiped hands and forearms and rub in thoroughly until the preparation is completely dry, paying particular attention to the tips of the fingers and the cuticle helix of the nail - the procedure should last approx. 1.5 minutes. The treatment should be performed twice. Praparat should be used undiluted! SKIN AND TREATMENT AREA DISINFECTION - the disinfected surface of the patient's skin should be thoroughly moistened with the preparation and allowed to dry completely. Before injections, blood collection, vaccinations, acupuncture, changing dressings, when removing sutures - wait at least 15 seconds. Before operations and punctures - wait 1 min. This operation must be performed twice. Disinfection of skin rich in sebaceous glands (e.g. forehead) - wait 10 minutes. When using electrical equipment, wait until the preparation is completely dry. Surgical drapes and foils should be applied to the skin after the preparation is completely dry.

Accepted by all health authorities.

Distributor of MEDILAB, producer Lysoform GmbH, Germany

Capacity: 1l

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