The 27in1 Redline harvester device is a multifunctional cosmetic machine that combines 27 different treatment options in one compact device. It is an ideal solution for beauty salons, spas, and clinics that want to offer a wide range of treatments to their clients without having to invest in multiple machines.

The device includes a range of features such as steam, ozone, high-frequency currents, relaxing massage, and various types of galvanic treatments. It also offers facial and body mesotherapy, ultrasound treatments, vacuum massage, toning, and cold and hot therapy. The device also includes a wood's lamp, a magnifying lamp, and microdermabrasion tools for both the face and body.

The 27in1 Redline harvester device is easy to use and comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. It is also backed by a warranty from the manufacturer, ACTIVESHOP. The device has a power output of 950W and operates on a voltage of 220-230V at a frequency of 50-60Hz.

The device is compact and easy to store, with dimensions of 31 x 31 x 97 cm. It comes with a power cord, a glass cup for steam, and various attachments and accessories such as electrodes, nozzles, and filters. The device weighs 35 kg and is shipped in one package with dimensions of 105 x 47 x 50 cm.

The 27in1 Redline harvester device is a versatile and cost-effective solution for beauty professionals who want to offer a wide range of treatments to their clients. It is a high-quality product  that is designed to meet the needs of modern beauty salons and spas. With its advanced features and comprehensive range of treatments, the 27in1 Redline harvester device is a must-have for any beauty professional looking to expand their services and grow their business.

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