Introducing the Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black, a revolutionary device designed to enhance and expedite your hair care treatments. Infrazon technology has been specifically developed to accelerate chemical processes, making it an essential tool for hairdressers and salon professionals.

With the Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black, you can now achieve stunning results in a fraction of the time. Whether you're looking to create beautiful curls, lighten your hair, apply a nourishing mask, or simply enhance the absorption of hair care products, this device has got you covered.

One of the standout features of the Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black is its ability to significantly reduce treatment time. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, this device ensures that your hair care routines are completed efficiently, saving both the hairdresser and the client valuable time.

The electronic adjustment of parameters further enhances the user experience, providing hairdressers with a seamless and effortless operation. The Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black is available in both a hanging and tripod version, allowing for flexibility and convenience in any salon setting.

This versatile device is suitable for a wide range of hairdressing treatments, including permanent waving, coloring, brightening, and thermostimulation. Its technical specifications are impressive, with a voltage range of 220-240V and a power output of 1500 watts. The temperature control feature allows you to set the ideal heat range between 50-80 °C, ensuring optimal results for every treatment.

The Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black comes equipped with five heating heads and adjustable airflow, providing customizable options to suit your specific needs. The built-in timer, with a duration of 60 minutes, ensures precise timing for each treatment, while the professional HD LCD screen offers five modes for convenient and easy operation.

When it comes to accelerating chemical and hair care treatments, the Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black is the ultimate solution. Its sleek black design, coupled with its exceptional performance, makes it a must-have device for any salon professional. Experience the power of the Gabbiano brand and elevate your hair care routine to new heights with the Gabbiano Standing Infrazon Y-707 Black.

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