Introducing the Gabbiano Stand Dryer LI-202S Two Speeds Black, the ultimate hair care solution for professional hairdressers and salons. This helmet dryer on a stand offers adjustable height, allowing for easy customization to suit any client's needs. With its sleek black design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any salon decor.

Equipped with double air blowing speeds, this Gabbiano Stand Dryer ensures efficient and effective drying for all hair types. Whether you need a quick dry or a gentle breeze, this dryer has got you covered. The stainless steel heating elements provide consistent and even heat distribution, resulting in faster drying times and salon-quality results.

Temperature regulation is a breeze with the Gabbiano Stand Dryer. With a range of 40 to 70 degrees Celsius, you can easily adjust the heat to suit your client's preferences and hair type. This allows for optimal hair care and prevents damage caused by excessive heat.

The time adjustment feature is another convenient aspect of this stand dryer. With a range of 0 to 60 minutes, you can set the desired drying time and focus on other tasks while the dryer does its job. This feature is particularly useful for multitasking in a busy salon environment.

With a power of 950 Watts, the Gabbiano Stand Dryer delivers powerful performance while remaining energy-efficient. This ensures quick and efficient drying without consuming excessive electricity. The packaging dimensions of 41x41x47 make it easy to store and transport, saving valuable space in your salon.

Investing in the Gabbiano Stand Dryer LI-202S Two Speeds Black means investing in the future of your salon. With its advanced features and durable construction, this dryer is built to withstand the demands of a professional hairdressing environment. Trust in the Gabbiano brand for quality and reliability.

Upgrade your salon equipment with the Gabbiano Stand Dryer LI-202S Two Speeds Black and experience the difference in hair care. Your clients will appreciate the salon-quality results and you will appreciate the ease of use and versatility of this exceptional hair dryer. Trust Gabbiano to elevate your salon experience.

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