Gabbiano Hood helmet dryer
Stainless steel heating elements
Temperature regulation
Time adjustment from 0-60 min
Power 1000W

Helmet dryers are one of the most characteristic hairdressing equipment - we can find it in virtually every hairdressing salon. Such dryers not only dry wet hair, but also come in handy during various hair treatments. Currently, helmet dryers used in hairdressing salons not only dry the hair, but also care for it. First of all, they are often equipped with ionization options - thus, after using such a helmet dryer, our hair is completely relieved when it comes to electrical charges. As a result, immediately after drying, they are more resilient and better arranged. You can also immediately notice that they become shinier - this is because during ionization, the hair cuticles close, as a result, they become smoother, more shiny, in addition, they do not electrify at all
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