SHR BR-39 OPT + RF Bipolar + q-switch

revolutionary device for permanent hair removal

The SHR BD-39 Laser is a multifunctional device designed primarily for painless and effective hair removal. The device has three modules that allow for hair removal treatments, permanent acne treatment, blood vessel closure, spider vein reduction, tattoo removal, and skin thermal lifting. The innovative combination of laser technology and IPL ensures a sensational and long-lasting effect of perfectly smooth skin while providing 100% safe and painless hair removal.

Laser SHR BD-39 OPT + RF Bipolar + q-switch

One Device - Many New Possibilities

The SHR BD-39 Multi-System OPT is an elegant and modern device that looks great in any cosmetic studio. Its intuitive touchscreen operation makes it incredibly easy to use while providing advanced control over the parameters of the treatments.

The SHR BD-39 Multi-System OPT device allows you to introduce many new treatments to your cosmetic studio, expand your offering to your regular clients, and effectively attract new ones. By investing in a professional multifunctional device, you also gain a competitive advantage and enhance the reputation of your salon.

OPT and E-Light System

The versatile SHR BD-39 laser is a novelty in the cosmetology market and a revolutionary discovery in permanent hair removal.

Effective Hair Removal The device's operation is based on the proper use and profiling of two hair removal methods that have been previously used separately: light and laser beams. By optimally adjusting the settings of these two factors, hair follicles are removed at a temperature that does not damage the skin cells around the hair, while the device works intensely enough to effectively and permanently remove hair follicles. Hair removal can be performed on the face and body and is also effective for short and light-colored hair in the growth phase.

Reduction of skin changes The device allows for the reduction of skin changes such as sunburn, age spots, acne scars, facial imperfections, and the removal of freckles on the entire body.

Rejuvenation Possibility of pore tightening, reduction of thickened skin and small wrinkles, restoration of skin elasticity.

Teleangiectasias The laser system allows for the reduction of vascular skin and the limitation of the visibility of telangiectasia.

Removal of discolorations The use of state-of-the-art equipment allows for the breakdown of accumulated melanin in the discoloration area into smaller particles, which are then naturally absorbed by the body, resulting in the lightening of dark skin, whitening of the skin, and removal of discolorations.

Laser SHR BD-39 OPT E-Light Head
Laser SHR BD-39 ND-YAG Head

Laser Q-Switch ND-YAG

Tattoo removal ND-YAG is a Neodymium-YAG laser that can be used for tattoo removal. It is a modern, safe, and effective method of removing pigment from the skin, which is gaining popularity not only in cosmetic clinics but also in tattoo studios. The ND-YAG laser has filters that emit light of different wavelengths, allowing for the breakdown of tattoo pigments with various colors.

Closure of blood vessels The ND-YAG laser emits a beam of light that penetrates deep into the skin, being absorbed by hemoglobin. It effectively reduces broken blood vessels on the face, legs, and body. The laser beam is precisely directed to the location of the vessels, ensuring precise treatment, and the procedure takes only a few to several minutes.

Reduction of skin changes Laser is also commonly used for removing skin changes, moles, discolorations, and freckles on the entire body. The ND-YAG laser is also used for scar reduction.

Carbon peel Carbon peel is a non-invasive and painless treatment that effectively brightens the skin, reduces acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, and improves skin tone. Carbon peel treatment does not require recovery time.

RF Radio Frequency Bi-polar

Thermolifting The RF Radio Frequency Bi-polar head in the SHR BD-39 Multi-System OPT device allows for performing Thermolifting treatments. The procedure eliminates the effects of skin aging, tightens and firms the skin, improves its elasticity and "density". By using radio waves, it stimulates the body to produce collagen and smoothens even deep wrinkles! Skin lifting can be performed on the face - around the eyes and neck, as well as on the entire body, including the breasts to improve their shape.

Laser SHR BD-39 RF Bi-Polar Head


The device is covered by a 24-month warranty valid in Poland. Each device is supplied with a warranty card and user manual in Polish.

24 months of warranty


Optionally - there is a possibility to participate in a certified training for operating the device, which includes:

  • construction, operation, and applications of the device, principles of proper device operation
  • indications and contraindications for performing photoepilation, photorejuvenation, vascular closure, pigmentation removal, and acne treatment
  • post-treatment guidelines
  • sample conversation script with a client.

The training is concluded with the issuance of a personalized certificate confirming the acquired skills.

  • Training duration: 1 day.
  • Location: Wroclaw
  • Price: PLN 1850 gross

OPT+E LIGHT Specification

530nm, 590nm, 640nm
First pulse width
1-20 ms
Number of pulses
1-40 ms
1-40 ms
Head size
Cooling system
Semiconductor cooling, closed-loop water cooling system, heat exchange
Level 5
Input power

LASER Specification

Laser type
Single pulse energy
≤200mj 1064nm, ≤100mj 532nm
Q-switch mode
Passive Q-switch mode
Head diameter
1-5 mm, continuous adjustment
Pulse width
10-20 ns
Operating frequency
1 - 6HZ
Cooling method
Water and air cooling

Data sheet

55 kg
24 months
touch 8''
In Poland
Optional (additionally payable), 1-day stationary glazing, confirmed by a certificate.
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Data sheet

55 kg
24 months
touch 8''
In Poland
Optional (additionally payable), 1-day stationary glazing, confirmed by a certificate.

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