Introducing the Classic Mesotherapy Device by GIOVANNI, a revolutionary cosmetic device that combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek and modern design. This avant-garde device features a streamlined and elegant casing, elevating the overall aesthetic of any cosmetic clinic or spa. The intuitive control panel, equipped with a liquid crystal display, allows for quick and effortless operation, enhancing the quality of the services provided.

The Classic Mesotherapy Device offers needle-free mesotherapy, a highly effective and safe therapy that leaves no marks or wounds on the skin. By utilizing electroporation and electroosmosis, this device nourishes deep-seated cells, promotes lymphatic drainage, accelerates metabolism, improves lymph and blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, brightens the skin, maintains optimal hydration, reduces cellulite, and aids in fat burning and slimming. These advanced techniques have completely replaced traditional micro-needle therapies.

Compared to individual skincare products, mesotherapy achieves greater effectiveness in product absorption, eliminating the issues associated with limited penetration beyond the epidermal layer. Additionally, it significantly reduces the duration of therapy, saving time for both the practitioner and the client. The Classic Mesotherapy Device is available in a sleek white version.

This device does not require a passive electrode for the client, as it operates on a closed circuit. The package includes a base, a cooling head, an ultrasonic head, a mesotherapy head for the face, a mesotherapy head for the body, a power cord, an instruction manual, and a warranty.

Technical specifications of the Classic Mesotherapy Device include a voltage of 220-240V / 50-60Hz, a power of 60W, and dimensions of 48cm in length, 31cm in width, and 13cm in height. The packaging dimensions are 54cm x 40cm x 23cm, with a total weight of 7.5kg. The device is conveniently packaged in a single box.

 That's why we offer a convenient installment payment system, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the Classic Mesotherapy Device without any financial strain. Upgrade your cosmetic clinic or spa with the Classic Mesotherapy Device and experience the transformative power of needle-free mesotherapy.

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