Enbio Magic Filter


Magic Filter for autoclaves Enbio S and Enbio PRO for a modern steam sterilization water purification filter. Thanks to Magic Filter, you only need 1 external tank, which will be filled with distilled water, will be able to open several dozen sterilization cycles in the ENBIO S autoclave or ENBIO PRO autoclave.

Magic Filter ENBIO allows the use of waste water after sterilization. The closed-material water system allows the intake of water with couplings. The water flowing through the Magic Filter ENBIO - cleaning work and is performed for sterilization, after it returns to the socket again. You can repeat this process as you like until the filter is replaced with a new one.


Service life: approx. 400 l

Replace the filter only when the color has changed

Thanks to the ion-exchange resin contained in Magic Filter, we can purify waste water to the level of deionized water (in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 13060), i.e. it is recommended for ENBIO autoclaves, models of the latest models as well as any produced in the past.

Magic Filter allows you to purify 400l of water, which is much deeper into the economic value of its consumption and environmental coverage, the cost is a huge ecological advantage!


Set contents

  • Magic Filter with connection hoses
  • Silicone cap for the water tank
  • Metal weight
  • User manual + QuickStart (read the user manual before using the product)
Magic Filter

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