OCHO NAILS is a unique brand focusing on professional products for nail stylists. Among them are hybrid varnishes, gels, specialized lamps and accessories for nail care. OCHO NAILS products will meet the requirements of both experienced users and beginners in the field of manicure.

Efficient preparation of nails and cuticles

The professional OCHO TECHNIC milling machine is perfect for manicures and pedicures. Significantly facilitates the removal of the remains of previous stylizations and the preparation of nails for further treatments . The elegant and modern design makes the device fit perfectly into any interior , and thanks to its intuitive operation, it will be perfect for both professionals and beginners.

Ergonomic head with Twist-Lock

The milling head is very functional and precise , it fits perfectly in the hand. The easy-to-use Twist-Lock system in which it is equipped allows for quick and trouble-free exchange of cutters . Thanks to this, working with this device is extremely easy and intuitive, which will be appreciated by even more demanding users. The ergonomic shape , lightness and proper balance of the head ensure comfortable use, and the solid construction and significant reduction of vibrations guarantee precise and safe work . The applied solutions prevent excessive hand fatigue.

Precision and functionality

The milling machine is equipped with a digital display that informs about the current rotational speed, direction of rotation and enables their smooth adjustment using an intuitive touch panel . The device works quietly and has a special place to put the head conveniently, which facilitates storage and prevents damage .

A complete set of cutters for comfortable and efficient work

Choosing the right cutters is the key to comfortable and effective work with the milling machine. The set of cutters included with the OCHO TECHNIC milling machine offers a variety of shapes and gradations, allowing you to easily perform a wide range of treatments . The set includes ceramic and sandstone cutters , which are suitable for both professional users and beginners. In order to expand the collection of cutters with other shapes or gradations, we encourage you to take a look at the "mills" tab .

Modern, minimalist design

The appearance of the milling machine will surely delight people who appreciate minimalist and modern solutions . Simple housing in shades of white and with a matte finish makes the device look very elegant and neat. Non-slip feet ensure stability during operation. In addition, the milling machine is small and easy to transport , which allows it to be used both in a beauty salon, mobile services and at home. It is an excellent choice for people who value not only functionality, but also aesthetics and design .

The set includes: milling machine base, head, power supply, set of 5 cutters, instructions.

White color
Power: wired
Rotation speed: 35,000 RPM
Head with Twist-Lock mechanism
Power: 65W
Power: wired
Voltage: 110-220V
Warranty: 12 months

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