The kit includes:
- wax heater in a 150W can
- wax in a 400 ml can
- depilation strips 20 pieces - 3 packs
- wooden spatula for applying wax - 5 pcs
- foil gloves 100 pcs
Canned wax heater.
A device for heating depilatory wax in a 400 or 500 ml can.
The heater is safe and easy to use with a short time of warming up the cartridges.
For professional and home use.
It fits cans available in our offer 400 and 500 ml
Technical data:
- power 150W
- height: 11cm with a lid 14cm,
- width: 19cm,
- length: 25cm,
- chamber dimensions for 500ml cans-
height: 7cm, diameter - 10cm,
- chamber dimensions for 400ml cans-
height: 8cm, diameter 9.50cm.
QUICKEPIL Wax in a can is specially made for beauticians who are looking for outstanding results. Thanks to a special formula, the wax cools slowly, adheres strongly and is easily removed with strips. Universal wax for all types of leather based on beeswax.
Capacity: 400 ml
Ingredients: natural beeswax, resin ester with glycerin,
titanium dioxide, antioxidants, dyes, fragrances.
Non-woven strips for depilation
Much better in depilation than cotton ones, the wax sticks to them better, thanks to which the wax is torn off evenly during the treatment.
Technical data:
- size of strips 7 x 20 cm
Quantity: 20 pieces of cut strips per package.
Small wooden spatula
Spatula for applying wax during depilation.
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