The TULIPAN hair removal set includes:
- wax heater in a can
- wax for depilation in a can AZULENOWY 500ml
- depilation strips 100 pcs
- oil after depilation DEPILFLAX 500ml
- foil gloves 100 pcs
Canned wax heater.

The depilatory wax heating device is safe, easy to use and has a short warm-up time.
For professional and home use. Can be used
for all skin types. It fits cans available in our offer 400 and 500 ml
Technical data:
- power 150W
- height: 11cm with a lid 14cm,
- width: 19cm,
- length: 25cm,
- chamber dimensions for 500ml cans-
height: 7cm, diameter - 10cm,
- chamber dimensions for 400ml cans-
height: 8cm, diameter 9.50cm.
Oil after depilation DEPILFLAX 100
For removing wax from the skin with a pleasant citrus scent. This oil soothes irritation and redness of the skin caused by depilation, thoroughly removes wax residues on the skin. The practical pump allows you to squeeze out the desired amount of the preparation.
Application: after depilation, massage into the skin with circular movements, excess oil can be drained with a tissue.
Active substances: olive oil, rosemary oil, bisabolol
Capacity: 500 ml
Manufacturer company MayStar.
DEPILFLAX 100 can wax
The azulene contained in it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, perfect for sensitive skin, prone to irritation.
Capacity: 500 ml
Ingredients: natural beeswax, resin ester with glycerin,
titanium dioxide, antioxidants, dyes, fragrances.
Manufacturer company MayStar.
Fleece depilation strips made of very good quality raw material of Italian origin. Durable, do not break. They fit perfectly to the body.
Packing: 100 pieces
Leaf dimensions: width: 7cm, length: 20cm
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