Multifunctional steamer with hot steam and ozone. The vapozon is mounted on a stand with adjustable height. This device is an indispensable device in every beauty salon.
What does the vaporizer give us:
It disinfects the skin
It opens the pores
The steam penetrates the pores, cleaning impurities in the form of accumulated fat, residues of various types of cosmetics
The steam helps the skin to excrete toxins
It has a softening effect on the skin
Accelerates blood circulation,
Moisturizes and refreshes the skin,
It improves metabolism
Restores the natural acidity of the skin
Significantly improves the results of the massage
800W power
The kit includes:
- device with a nozzle
- tripod
- five-star base on rubber wheels
- instruction
- guarantee
Size of the package:
70 x 18 x 28 cm
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