LED EXTRA WHITE gel for permanent French 15 g
Gel produced especially for ACTIV by an American company dealing with film cosmetics and special effects.
The perfectly covering consistency of the gel allows you to obtain intense whiteness from the first time
a thin layer, which will allow us to provide quick and efficient customer service, and the white effect will last for a very long time.
Only one layer is enough.
Its features are:
- ease of application
- fast curing time of about 120s
- ease of processing
- durability
- high gloss
Perfect for:
- natural nail
- on tips
- on form
ACTIV gels are especially recommended for women who need a strong and very resistant gel because of
on led
active lifestyle (played sports) and profession (e.g. typing, physical work)
What distinguishes ACTIV gels: ACTIV gels are extremely strong and durable. The use of composites and
of the AC-V1 formula enabled the use of the layering technique (laying the gel layer, curing,
modeling and laying the next layer). In addition, the surface is very plastic and susceptible to forming.
In ACTIV gels, the porosity of the gel has been eliminated and the surface is perfectly smooth.
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