Ultrasonic cleaner CD-7920 for disinfecting cosmetic accessories, in particular microdermabrasion heads, cutters, etc., as well as dental and cosmetic tools. Washcloths are widely used and will only work in cosmetology or medicine. In addition to very high washing efficiency and reaching the most inaccessible details, washing with ultrasound does not cause absolutely any mechanical damage to the items being washed. This washer has a display, the aesthetic casing of which is made of high-quality plastic.
- Material: SUS304 stainless steel
- Time settings adjustment: 180s> 300s> 480s> 600s> 90s
- High performance transducer
- Voltage AC220 ~ 240V, 50Hz
- 42KHz frequency
- Ultrasound power 55W
- 0.85L tank capacity
- Overall dimensions (mm) 203x183x145 (L × W × H)
- Dimensions of the tank with a basket: length 14.8 cm / width 12.6 cm / height 4.7 cm
- Weight 1.0 kg
- The cover is there
- Preheating None
- Drain None
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