FARMONA TRYCHO TECHNOLOGY Specialist hair strengthening shampoo 250ml
Specialized trichological line - modern care for the scalp and hair We present an innovative trichological treatment based on perfectly selected ingredients. Suitable for all types of scalp and hair. It is especially recommended for people who have noticed a significant deterioration in the condition of their hair. Our new trichological line was created for weakened, sparse, thin, slow-growing hair with a tendency to fall out. It can be used by people whose scalp and hair are excessively greasy, as well as those who have problems with their dryness. Specialist hair strengthening shampoo
Purpose: All types of scalp and hair. Recommended especially for weak, sparse, thin, slow-growing hair with a tendency to fall out. Active ingredients: Trichogen, caffeine, horsetail extract
Effects: Significant strengthening and intensive regeneration of weakened hair. Effective reduction of hair loss. Stimulation of new hair growth. How to use: Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage until foam appears, then rinse. After washing, we recommend using a specialized hair strengthening mask.
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