FARMONA PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM Cream patch for calluses 500ml
PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM is a specialist, professional foot care line designed for dry, rough, cracked skin with a tendency to keratosis. Optimally selected ingredients of the preparations, based on plant emollients, intensively soften, moisturize and protect the epidermis against excessive keratinization and cracking. Additional substances contained in them with a strong soothing effect eliminate irritation, stimulate the process of healing and regeneration of damaged foot skin. Preparations from the PODOLOGIC LIPID SYSTEM line are ideal for the prevention of diabetic foot. Intended use: very dry, rough and damaged skin of the feet, with a tendency to excessive keratosis, recommended for diabetics.
EFFECTS: oiling and moisturizing the skin, smoothing, preventing excessive keratosis, accelerating regeneration processes, strengthening the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis
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