FARMONA PODOLOGIC FITNESS Foot scrub with silver ions 690g
PODOLOGIC FITNESS is a specialist line for foot care prone to excessive sweating and antibacterial prophylaxis. Preparations from this line contain silver ions, which have excellent anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Intended use: For the care of active feet prone to excessive keratinization and hardening of the epidermis, before podiatry or pedicure, antibacterial prophylaxis.
Action: Instantly exfoliates callous epidermis. Polishes the heels, evens calluses, smoothes the skin. It stimulates blood microcirculation of the skin of the feet, improving the absorption of caring active ingredients into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Accelerates the natural processes of skin regeneration. It is an ideal prelude to a podiatry or pedicure treatment. Leaves feet delicate, silky smooth and pleasant to the touch.
EFFECTS: exfoliation of callous epidermis smoothing and accelerating the natural processes of its regeneration stimulating blood microcirculation improving the absorption of active ingredients eliminating unpleasant foot odor
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