FARMONA PODOLOGIC ACID Strongly softening foot bath salt with AHA and BHA acids 1500g
Intended use: foot bath before podiatric treatment and pedicure, especially in the case of problems with excessive epidermal keratosis, calluses, very dry, rough and damaged skin of the feet.
Effects: cleansing and refreshing the feet loosening the connections between epidermis cells and facilitating its mechanical removal softening calloused skin providing it with essential minerals and microelements moisturizing and smoothing, restoring the skin of the feet to a healthy appearance proper preparation for further podiatry treatments.
NOTE: The product contains salicylic acid. Do not use on irritated and damaged skin, in children, pregnant women, people with anemia, Rey's syndrome, allergic to salicylates, diabetics, mycosis, eczema. Discontinue use in the event of irritation, burning, itching, redness.
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