EXO PRO cutters are a high-quality accessory, manufactured in the EU from the best available components.
Precision in the production process makes working with them easy and safe.
It should be remembered that with a properly selected cutter, we can easily remove the hybrid from the surface of the nail, give them the desired shape and length, smooth out calluses and remove disfiguring cuticles.
The rounded diamond cylinder cutter is perfect for both manicure and pedicure treatments. The slender shape and, above all, the rounded tip of the cutter allow for precise removal of the epidermis from the nail plate.
- material: stainless steel with diamond coating
- size: L-8.0mm, Ø2.3mm
- shape: rounded cylinder
- sharpness / grain: medium (blue)
A colored marker placed on the cutter indicates the sharpness, graininess of the cutter (gradation)
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