Milling head: Made in Swiss
The ACTIV company would like to present you the result of the work of Italian constructors and designers - the ACTIV POWER milling machine - a combination of functionality and elegance!
Available in four fashionable, metallic colors, the Combi 24 milling machine has been designed in such a way that working with the milling machine is a real pleasure.
Reliability, easy operation, a head with an unprecedented power of up to 5.71 mNm, which achieves full power at minimum revolutions, and in addition, it is the lightest head because it weighs only 114 g. These are just some of the advantages of the Combi 24 milling machine.
Not without significance is the fact that it is very quiet and vibration-free. Because it is very elegant, it can be the decoration of any beauty salon, and its small shape and simple operation mean that every modern woman can use it at home.
The device is failure-free. 12-month warranty.
The set includes:
- milling head
- milling machine base
- foot pedal
- head stand
- manual
- guarantee
Technical data:
- power supply 100-220 V / 50-60Hz
- torque 5.71 mNm
- power 30W
- ergonomic housing
- right and left rotations
- switch and speed control on the base
- smooth regulation of speed in the range of 0-20 thousand.
- cutter diameter 2.32
- twist-lock handle (cutter replacement in one move)
- base weight - 882 g
- head weight - 114 g
- base dimensions - 117 x 154 x 72
- head dimensions - 131 x 21.2
- the photo of the head with a hologram is for illustration purposes only
- manicure
- pedicure
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