Sakura is a quality that delights

The Sakura brand was created to create the highest quality massage chairs that will satisfy even the most demanding users. The technology developed by specialists on the basis of consultations with massage masters guarantees an extremely successful and satisfying experience every time you turn on one of the developed modes. Sakura massage armchairs are comfort and care for health in one. They are also perfect for relaxation and meditation. Appreciated by users all over Europe, they improve the quality of life and health of each of them.

High quality

Sakura massage chairs are characterized by masterful precision of workmanship, the most advanced technology and total comfort for the user. It is an excellent choice for those who want the highest quality massage, easily available in their homes, offices or workplaces. The structure of the armchair is solid, and the upholstery is made of high-quality ecological leather.

A wide range of functions

The Standard 801 model is a massage chair with a wide range of built-in functions that derive directly from the newly developed Sakura technologies. The built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to turn on the music that suits you, thus maximizing the level of your own satisfaction. Heating the seat will be especially helpful during the autumn and winter season.

Body detection system

Just sit back, make yourself comfortable and turn on one of the automatic modes. The armchair will perform a massage on your body in an intelligent way, just like during a visit to a professional massage salon. The body shape detection system will recognize the position of the shoulders, height and body type. Thanks to the double mechanism of the massage heads, which move up and down at the same time, you will experience a fully comprehensive massage. The upper kneading heads will knead the neck and shoulders, accelerating blood flow. The lower massage heads integrate tapping and kneading techniques. By massaging your waist and back, you will relieve muscle pain or tension, thus supporting your mobility and flexibility.

Transparent panel with display

Controlling the chair couldn't be easier - its control panel has been designed in the most transparent way. You can see which massagers or airbags are active at any time. In manual mode, you can set which of them should currently perform the massage. You can also increase the intensity and speed of the massagers, controlling the massage process in a way that best suits your needs. Control the time and set it to 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes. In automatic mode, you can choose from 4 different modes, each of them will last 20 minutes. You can pause at any time without losing your settings.

Automatic Massage Modes:

Relax: Relax, calm down and meditate. In this mode you will relax after a hard day and effectively get rid of stress.
Refresh: Start your day with an energizing massage. Turn on this mode when you feel like an injection of vitality, stimulation and refreshment.
Sleep: How about a nap? Thanks to this mode, you will easily take a nap and gain energy, wake up more rested, and your body will feel less tired, tense or in pain.
Total (Full) : Turn on full chair activity and see what it can do. Your body, from the neck to the feet, will be intensively massaged, you will feel fully relaxed.

Zero gravity mode

Real simulation of a zero gravity capsule. Feel like in space and float in the air. Forget earthly gravity. In this mode, the strain on the heart is minimal, pressure on the spine and joints is reduced, and the body is in the most comfortable, relaxing position. Perfect for effective relaxation and even sleep. The mode allows you to adjust the inclination of the chair in the range of 110 to 170 degrees.

Full body massage with airbags

Where the mechanism of the massage heads will not reach, that is where the airbags will fulfill their task. As many as 32 flexible pouches with air will massage the body on the principle of retracting and filling the pressure. This means that parts of the body usually omitted or inaccessible during traditional massages, in this case will be simultaneously pressed or massaged in many places.

Extremely comfortable and precise

The Sakura Standard 801 armchair uses an extremely effective combination of tapping and kneading massage techniques. The mechanism is intelligent and designed in such a way that it adapts to every figure. The entire chair is designed to massage you from the neck to the buttocks. Underfoot rollers apply acupressure. Set up the massage for a specific part of your back if you need effective pain relief. Each session with the armchair is invaluable support for the health of the spine and the whole body.

For home, office or client use in the salon

It is primarily a way to easily relax at any time of the day, especially after an exhausting day or training. The armchair can become your favorite companion and delight your guests. With its great aesthetics, it will perfectly fit into the space of your living room or as an element of office equipment. It will be a valuable addition to your workplace that your customers will appreciate.

Sakura Standard 801 massage chairs are available in black, gray or brown colors.

Technical data:

Model: Standard 801
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 100W
Weight: 110KG
Max load: <150kg
Material: Eco-friendly; eco leather.
Packing size: 1280*780*1220MM
Installation method: Armchair without the need for additional assembly.

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