Functional cosmetic desk - perfect for offices.
It is a piece of furniture not only functional, but also extremely elegant, perfectly matching the furnishings of modern rooms. The cosmetic desk has a drawer, cabinets of various sizes and a dust absorber. The furniture is stable and it is easy to move it indoors, even when it is loaded.
Technical data:
desk height: 80cm,
length of the top 121cm
worktop width 46cm
distance between the table top and the cabinet is 7.5 cm
cabinet dimensions:
height: 77cm
length: 34cm
width: 30cm
4 drawers:
27cm long
width: 21cm,
height: 15cm
1 cabinet with a shelf:
31cm long
width: 27cm
height: 68cm
1.76 * 45 * 86
2. 130 * 12 * 55
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