The LED ring light is ideal for face and small object photography as well as macro photography. It works very well for make-up or beauty treatments and for filming. The lamp provides excellent color reproduction. The head of the lamp can be bent in any way, which facilitates the optimal setting of the light beam.
The lamp has the ability to smoothly control the light intensity and its color: warm-intermediate-cold.
The shape of the circle makes the photographed object evenly illuminated from all sides, without the need to provide other light sources.
The set also includes a smartphone gripper, which makes it much easier to take photos or shoot vlogs.
Technical data:
- power: 10W
- voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
- lamp diameter: 10 "
- regulation of light intensity
- light color adjustment
- phone holder
- the lamp is powered from the USB port
- warranty: 12 months
- height: 54 cm
The composition of the set:
- LED ring lamp
- flexible tripod arm
- phone holder
- lamp stand
- USB power cable
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