A sensational device for skin care and cleansing. The blackhead vacuum cleaner is an effective and painless device for cleansing the skin thanks to which you will improve the care of your face. The device helps to forget about the unpleasant squeezing of blackheads and blackheads, as well as improves skin firmness, reduces wrinkles and supports regeneration, as well as eliminates flaky epidermis.
- CLEANSING THE PORES Aim the round hole at the blackheads, acne spots to remove them. If the skin is damaged or swollen, do not use this attachment. If blackheads are deep in the skin, it is recommended to use a large tip.
- SKIN LIFTING AND FIRMING The large tip stimulates microcirculation, supports blood and lymph circulation, allows the skin to renew and stimulate. The vacuum lift produces a mild stimulating massaging action.
- WRINKLE REMOVAL AND SMOOTHING The narrow, oval tip is designed for micro-massage in the corners of the eyelids, on the wings of the nose, corners of the mouth and other areas exposed to fine wrinkles.
- REMOVING BLACKHEADS A special tiny tip with an extension allows you to clean the skin in hard-to-reach places.
- Suction force: <= 62KPa
- Certifications: CE, RoHS
- Battery capacity: 380mAh
- 6 tips:
*Oval: used to reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity
*Round mini: suitable for sensitive skin and blackhead skin
*Round: Suitable for all skin types
*Round small: suitable for sensitive skin and weak skin parts
* Round medium size: used for oily skin, sucking out blackheads and acne
*Round large: used for blackhead suction and skin lifting
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