RefectoCil Starter Kit Basic Colors - A starter kit for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes

RefectoCil Starter Kit Basic Colors is a professional starter kit for people who want to try RefectoCil paints or start their adventure with coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. The package contains all the necessary accessories, as well as RefectoCil paints in popular colors: deep black, blue black, natural brown, light brown, graphite and chestnut.
Detailed description:
* Artist Palette - a palette for preparing the mass
* Cosmetic brush - soft cosmetic brushes for mixing and applying paint - 5 pcs./pkg.
* Extra eye patches - 80 pcs./pkg.
* Tint Remover - liquid that removes paint residues from the skin - 100ml
* Eye make-up remover - gentle eye make-up remover - 100ml
* Skin Protection Cream - protects the skin from discoloration. It nourishes and smoothes it. Contains shea butter, chamomile extract, vitamin E and D-panthenol - 75ml
* Oxidant 3% - liquid stabilizer - 50ml
* RefectoCil colors: (1 black, 1.1 graphite, 2 black blue, 3 brown, 3.1 light brown, 4 chestnut)
* additionally, the set includes an instructional CD and a color palette
The whole is enclosed in a practical and elegant cosmetic bag.

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