FARMONA HANDS SLOW AGE Brightening and anti-aging paraffin hand mask 300ml
How to keep the skin of your hands young and healthy? This is a question every woman would like to find an answer to. Knowing what changes occur in the skin of the hand with age, what external factors it is exposed to every day and what it needs to maintain a healthy and young appearance, the specialists of the FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory have created the HANDS SLOW AGE line. This is a line that not only delays the appearance of signs of hand skin aging in a comprehensive way, but also eliminates the effects of aging already visible on our skin.
DESTINATION: dry skin that requires reconstruction and regeneration, with clear signs of aging - loss of firmness and elasticity, with discoloration - sun, age, hormonal. WARMING FORMULA ACTIVATES UNDER THE IMPACT OF MASSAGE. EFFECT: smoothing, nourishing and regenerating the skin, increasing its firmness and elasticity, lightening discolorations and evening out the color, reducing the visibility of age spots, stimulating renewal and regeneration of the epidermis, rejuvenating and improving the appearance of the skin of the hands
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