FARMONA GUARANA SLIM Anti-cellulite body mask 500ml
GUARANA SLIM is an aromatic anti-cellulite line with a captivating scent of juicy tropical fruit. Recommended for people with the problem of cellulite and excessive amounts of adipose tissue, who want to improve their figure and to increase skin firmness and elasticity. Carefully selected active ingredients accelerate lipolysis and skin microcirculation, supporting the removal of toxins from the body. Purpose: anti-cellulite treatment, water and/or fat cellulite, excessive amount of adipose tissue, skin requiring detoxification
EFFECTS: improving firmness and elasticity of the skin, smoothing the epidermis, reducing cellulite and adipose tissue, stimulating fat lipolysis, accelerating the removal of toxins, nourishing, moisturizing, significantly improving the appearance and condition of the skin
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