Hyaluron 4D+Orchistem TM
The fragrance-free formula is an unusual combination of four types of hyaluronate particle sizes with different properties, which, creating a three-dimensional network, provide the effect of long-lasting hydration both on the outer and deeper layers of the skin. The preparation also contains stem cells from the Japanese orchid Orchistem™, which show exceptional effectiveness in the fight against signs of aging, giving a lifting effect. The result is firm, perfectly smooth and radiant skin. Indications: for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin requiring special anti-aging care. * can be introduced using ultrasounds, radio waves using a thick layer of Apis gel cosmetics from the Oxy O2 terApis line, Raspberry Glow and ultrasound gels, * can be introduced using needle-free and micro-needle mesotherapy, * can be applied under an algae or cream mask.
Capacity: 30 ml
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