Hyaluron 4D with SNAP-8TM peptide

The formula of the preparation is based on an innovative combination of biomimetic peptides with an unusual form of hyaluronic acid composed of four types of hyaluronan particles of different sizes and other properties. The effective neuropeptide SNAP-8™ peptide, thanks to the modeling of muscle contractions, blocks facial muscle contractions, relaxes, and the mechanism of action is an alternative to botulinum toxin "botox like". The effect of lifting is perfectly moisturized skin on various levels and improvement of its density, reduction of mimic wrinkles. The skin structure is visibly smoother, with a higher degree of firmness and elasticity, fresh and full of radiance. Indications: for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin with a tendency to mimic wrinkles. * can be introduced using ultrasounds, radio waves using a thick layer of Apis gel cosmetics from the Oxy O2 terApis line, Raspberry Glow and ultrasound gels, * can be introduced using needle-free and micro-needle mesotherapy, * can be applied under an algae mask or creamy.

Capacity: 30 ml

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