For all skin types (recommended for skin with common acne, rosacea).

Enzyme powder for washing the face, which turns into a delicate foam when in contact with water. Perfectly eliminates impurities on the surface of the skin and reduces the secretion of sebum. It contains the enzyme papain, which gently exfoliates the keratinized layer of the epidermis, evens out the skin tone, helps fight inflammation and accelerates skin renewal processes. In addition, pineapple extract is rich in vitamins A, C and proteolytic enzymes (bromelain) with anti-inflammatory properties. Perfectly smoothes, moisturizes, gives the skin a healthy look and glow.

Prepares the skin for further care treatments.


Papaya extract - rich in proteolytic enzymes (papain and bromelanin). Papaya has the ability to separate proteins, especially dead cells, from healthy cells. It prepares the skin for treatments, helps to reduce the secretion of sebum and removes impurities.

Pineapple extract - rich in vitamins A and C, contains proteolytic enzymes with anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it works: anti-radical, stimulating, moisturizing, protects and cleanses, giving the skin a healthy look and glow.

Papain - soothes, smoothes, gently and naturally exfoliates. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces sebum secretion and eliminates impurities on the skin surface.

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