Electric beard straightener, comb for men, beard brush, quick and safe temperature control up to 200°C, 2-in-1 ion brush for hair and beard
The 40W beard smoothing brush features an advanced PTC heating element, produces fast and stable heat in 30 seconds, smoothes beard and hair for a natural, sleek and shiny look. Free yourself from clutter and increase your beauty and self-confidence.
- Full protection against burns.
The ceramic heating layer and the silicone brush head prevent burns and provide a pleasant feeling on the skin.
- PTC fast heating technology
With the click of a button, it reaches a stable temperature of 170℃ in 30 seconds.
- Hair care with negative ions.
The intelligent ion generator can evenly transfer heat to each beard and protect it from overheating.
- Adjustable 3 temperature levels.
It helps to achieve a better result for all types of styling thick hair.
The unique ionic technology used, quickly styles the beard in daily care and promotes beard and hair health, ideal for all types of beards and hair, short or long cut. The high-quality 2-in-1 hair straightener gives you a better styling result and a more comfortable experience.
The strong bristles in the straightener are ceramic-coated and feature a skin-friendly silicone head for even heat distribution and a quick recovery time. They prevent skin and hair injuries, provide maximum comfort.
The ergonomic curvature of the brush is based on the contours of human cheeks and head, which will make it perfectly fit the face.
3 adjustable temperature ranges significantly reduce styling time. The LED button clearly indicates the current temperature level and is very easy to operate.
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