Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand of hairdressing equipment and furniture, distinguished by reliability, quality and aesthetics, as well as high comfort of use. The offer includes a large selection of functional elements of showroom equipment, such as armchairs, car washes and infrazones.

Stylish element of a hairdressing salon

The Gabbiano Granda hairdressing chair equipped with a hydraulic lift is a practical piece of furniture that will become a decoration of the hairdressing salon . Classic colors, interesting design and decorative elements in shades of gold give it an elegant look . High functionality will ensure comfort for both hairdressers and its users.

Functionality, comfort and reliability

A durable hydraulic lift allows you to adjust the seat level within 45-53 cm, even when the customer is sitting on the chair. This guarantees more ergonomic work , thanks to the possibility of freely adjusting the height to the height of both the client and the hairdresser. The profiled backrest , decorated with quilting with selected buttons, allows you to take a comfortable position. This provides adequate support for the back , which is especially important in the case of procedures lasting many hours. A big plus, and at the same time visually interesting, is the subtle opening between the backrest and the seat. It makes it easier to keep the salon clean, allows you to easily sweep the hair from every corner of the chair, while saving the time of preparing the workstation between clients.

Thoughtful solutions

A solid, round base guarantees stability during use. The smooth surface makes this element easy to keep clean. The wide seat, filled with foam of appropriate hardness, ensures high comfort of use and convenience even during long hours of treatments. A significant plus is the footrest dedicated to this model, which provides stable support for the user's feet. The armrests are at the right height, thanks to which they allow the client's shoulders to be positioned correctly - this means that he does not hide his head in his arms or slouch - clearly improving treatments, including haircuts. This facilitates the precise performance of services .

Elegance and high comfort of use

The armchair is filled with foam, which is durable and does not deform , ensuring comfortable use for a long time. The upholstery is made of pleasant to the touch imitation leather with a specific structure. Thanks to the use of such material, the equipment is resistant to moisture , durable and easy to clean. Covering in shades of gray and decorative metal surfaces lacquered in gold colors give it an expression of timeless elegance . It is distinguished by a tasteful finish that gives it an exclusive character and makes it look great in many professional salons.

Detailed dimensions are given in the photo.
The set includes: seat, actuator with base, footrest.

Hydraulic jack
Base: round
Upholstery material: synthetic leather
Colors: shades of gray, shades of gold

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