Intended for mature skin. They perfectly moisturize, tighten and effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles. Hydrolyzed collagen helps to smooth scars and reduce discoloration. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the cohesiveness, tensile strength and elasticity of the connective tissue, it also has an extraordinary ability to bind water. The collagen structure is the framework of the connective tissue that supports the upper layers of the skin. Thanks to it, the skin maintains proper elasticity and tension. It also acts as a link between the dermis and the epidermis.
Active substances:
Soluble Collagen
Collagen is responsible for maintaining the proper level of skin hydration, improves its elasticity and firmness. It retains both hydrophilic and lipophilic substances. In this way, TEWL (transepidermal water loss) is reduced. Its broken particles penetrate deep into the skin, where they become the building material of natural collagen. Collagen reduces the signs of skin aging, makes the skin more elastic and smooth.
Ampoules are intended for treatments with the use of a dermaroller, for sonophoresis, ultrasounds, infusions, needle-free and micro-needle mesotherapy and for external use on the skin in home care. Apply to cleansed face, neck and cleavage.
Capacity: 10x3ml
The 3 ml glass vial contains the highest concentration of active ingredients.
When packaging the product into sterile, disposable ampoules, we maintain microbiological purity and stability of active substances.
Aseptic packaging that guarantees maximum safety and ideal storage conditions for the ampoule.
Glass ampoules do not react with serum ingredients.
Advanced formula ideal for special tasks - regeneration, increasing skin tension, normalizing oily skin or fighting discoloration.
The water consistency means better absorption of the preparation into the skin and the possibility of using the ampoule during treatments with apparatus, including ultrasound, microneedle/needle mesotherapy, oxygen infusion, after microdermabrasion, radiofrequency or massage.
The composition of the ampoules is based on natural extracts, vitamins and minerals.
They are developed according to the type of skin, which facilitates the proper selection of the preparation.
One ampoule is enough for a complete face, neck and cleavage treatment.
When using ampoules, it is worth supplementing them with cosmetics from the series, because it will increase the effect.
After using our ampoules, the skin becomes soft and velvety, its hydration and nutrition increase. It is a kind of "injection" of power for the skin!
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