Syis Antioxidant algae mask 500 ml
SYIS is a dynamically developing Polish brand specializing in professional cosmetics. It was created for women who care about proper skin care and the highest quality products. Carefully selected, unique compositions of active ingredients ensure excellent results and meet the expectations of the most conscious consumers.
Effective brightening and smoothing
Brightening algae mask with vitamin C AA2G gives the skin a healthy and radiant look. It is intended especially for people with acne-prone skin, sun discoloration or problems with uneven pigmentation. The algae mask is in the form of a powder which, when mixed with water/activator, creates a uniform, plastic mass. It spreads smoothly on the skin, providing proper care.
Stable vitamin C for radiant skin
The main active substance, completely stable vitamin C AA2G, is characterized by brightening, even skin tone and anti-aging properties. This ingredient makes the mask effectively reduce the visibility of discolorations and evens out the skin tone. At the same time, it actively reduces the depth of wrinkles and visibly smoothes the skin.
Comprehensive skin care
The unique formula of the algae mask with vitamin C AA2G guarantees comprehensive skin care. Aloe extract provides the skin with essential nutrients, helping it maintain proper hydration and preventing moisture loss. The ingredients contained in the composition make the skin visibly more elastic, soft and radiant. The mask leaves a pleasant feeling of refreshment and has a revitalizing effect, refreshing the skin and restoring its energy. Regular use makes the skin brighter, more radiant and even in color.
Capacity: 500 ml
Active ingredients : vitamin C AA2G, aloe leaf extract
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