The kit includes:
- height-adjustable paddling pool
- foot massager
It is used to soak the legs before the pedicure. It is very comfortable for the client and for the pedicurist, it has a smooth adjustable height of the bowl. Can be adjusted to any seat height. On the base of the shower tray, there is a soft upholstery, where the client can rest her leg.
Technical data:

- Height 650mm
- Width 380mm
- Length 470mm
- Bowl adjustment range vertical ~ 270mm
- Bowl capacity ~ 5 l
- Weight 6.1 kg
Sensational infrared foot massager. The surface of the acupressure and massage device supports the stimulation of the sole of the foot. The heated bottom maintains a constant water temperature and relaxes tired muscles. Massage with a rejuvenating effect helps to stimulate the feet. Infrared heating, on the other hand, provides thermal therapy to the soles of the feet, and the relaxing rollers guarantee the discharge of tension and fatigue along the entire spine. The massager can also be used to massage the feet without water
The surface of the device intended for acupressure massage supports the stimulation of the bottom of the foot.
Massage with a rejuvenating effect helps to stimulate the feet.
Technical parameters:
U - 230V / 50Hz
Power 300 watts
External dimensions:
height 18 cm
width 32 cm
length 38 cm
Internal dimensions:
height 14 cm
width 27 cm
length 33 cm
1) Vibration
2) Vibration, infrared and keep warm
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