The waterproof EXO abrasive cap is an innovative solution that combines a composite cap with a corundum coating.
The professional EXO hood is made with the greatest care and from the best available materials. The internal element of the cap is a composite that ensures durability and comfort of work. It is covered with COSMETIC CORUNDUM not used in any other caps. The white color adds the impression of cleanliness and hygiene.
In EXO caps you will not notice any "falling" of the abrasive material!!!

Technical data:
Gradation: 60
Cap diameter: 13mm
Type of abrasive: cosmetic corundum
Core: composite HARD CAP
Quantity in package: 500 pcs

Abrasive caps with a size of 13 mm should not operate at higher speeds than 10,000/minute. At higher speeds, vibrations may occur in the micromotor and its service life may be shortened.
• Gradation 60 – very coarse – for removing thick calluses
• Gradation 80 – coarse – for removing calluses
• Gradation 150 – medium grain – for sanding leather
• Gradation 220 – fine-grained – for final smoothing of the surface
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