Introducing the Gabbiano Barber Armchair Imperial Brown, a luxurious addition to our collection. This modern and exquisitely crafted piece of furniture is designed to provide salon clients with the utmost comfort during their treatments.

The Imperial barber chair offers a range of adjustable features, including up-down adjustment, a reclining backrest, and an adjustable footrest. Despite its compact dimensions, this chair allows clients to recline in a convenient, half-lying position, ensuring a truly relaxing experience.

The seat of the Gabbiano barber armchair is covered in high-quality eco-leather, providing both durability and a touch of elegance. The wide, chrome-plated base guarantees stability during operation, ensuring the safety and comfort of both the client and the stylist.

One of the standout features of this armchair is the easily adjustable headrest, allowing for personalized comfort and support. Whether the client prefers a higher or lower position, the headrest can be effortlessly adjusted to accommodate their needs.

The Gabbiano Barber Armchair Imperial Brown is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The rich brown color adds a touch of sophistication to any salon decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In terms of dimensions, the maximum height of the chair is 72 cm, while the minimum height is 60 cm. The seat width measures 55 cm, providing ample space for clients of various sizes. The thickness of the seat, including the armrests, is 74 cm, ensuring optimal comfort during extended treatments.

The footrest, with its chrome part, measures 50 cm in length, providing a comfortable place for clients to rest their feet.

When it comes to packaging, the Gabbiano Barber Armchair Imperial Brown is conveniently sized at 81 x 74 x 82 cm, making it easy to transport and assemble.

Invest in the Gabbiano Barber Armchair Imperial Brown and elevate your salon experience to new heights. With its exceptional comfort, adjustable features, and elegant design, this armchair is a must-have for any modern salon.

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