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Medika 808 SLD diode laser
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Medika 808 SLD diode laser

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The 808 SLD diode laser from the Polish manufacturer Medika is the latest technology to combat unwanted hair. Thanks to the wavelength used, we can permanently get rid of hair after just a few treatments.

Medika HiFU - device for face and body lifting

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Medika HIFU is a device of the latest technology which works with the use of condensed ultrasonic waves. The effect of lifting, tension, thickening of the skin, reduction of wrinkles on the forehead, neck, around the eyes, abdomen, thigh, arms and eyebrow line lifting.

Medika Lipolaser DUO

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Lipolaser DUO by Medika is an innovative method of fighting excess fat tissue and celluit. The device uses a combination of a 650nm laser beam and 940nm infrared, which lead to the biostimulation of natural metabolic channels.

Medika Micro Plasma

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Medika Micro Plasma - a mobile wireless device for non-surgical eyelid lifting, wrinkle removal, skin lesions correction, warts, fibromas and scars removal.

Medika Plasma ARC

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Medika Plasma ARC - a device for non-surgical eyelid lifting, wrinkle removal, correction of skin lesions, removal of warts, fibromas and scars.

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