48W LED lamp for nails PROMED UVL-54


Do you want to take care of your hands every day and on holidays? Our 48W LED lamp PROMED UVL-54 will help you with this, which is chosen by both professionals and novice nail stylists and women who like to take care of beautiful hands at home on a daily basis.

Its main advantages? It is easy to use - you do not need any special preparation to start using it. It is suitable for all materials such as: basic, colored and glossy gels, UV varnishes, three-phase gels, acrylic.

It's your ally in a hurry as the time counts down on the electronic display. The built-in timer gives you the comfort of setting from 10 to 99 seconds as the appropriate curing time. You also don't have to switch the lamp on and off every time. The motion sensor activates the LEDs as soon as a hand appears.

Women have the power! Therefore, our lamp, like a superwoman among lamps, has as many as 36 LEDs with a total power of 48W. Their innovation lies in the emission of light with a wavelength of 365 and 405 nm, which guarantees immediate effectiveness even with the slowest curing nail preparations. The DUAL LED technology guarantees even hardening of the varnish on the entire surface of the nail.

The PROMED UVL-54 48W LED lamp for nails is also an excellent choice for people who care about the environment and energy consumption. LEDs, unlike UV bulbs, which you have to replace even every six months, have an extremely long life - at least 50,000 hours!

The lamp is handy and light, which is why it will also be perfect for traveling, on vacation or when visiting a friend who dreams of a new manicure. A removable base has been added to make it simple and easy to keep clean. Elegant design is our icing on the cake!



Technical data:

Power: 48W

Timer: 10-99 sec

Power supply: 100 ~ 240V, 50/60 HZ

LED lifetime: min.50 thousand. h

36 LEDs

Device dimensions:

- width: 22.5 cm

- length: 18 cm

- height: 10 cm

Device packaging dimensions: 24x21.5x11cm,

Weight: 1 kg

Warranty: 12 months

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