FARMONA REVOLU C WHITE Night treatment with vitamin C 5x5ml
A specialized, multi-level night treatment with a broad spectrum of activity. It maintains the effect of the REVOLU C WHITE treatment, it is also a perfect preparation of the skin for the whitening treatment. Recommended for skin care with uneven pigmentation, post-sun discoloration, post-acne, hormonal and age spots. TRIPLE ACTION: - BRIGHTENING - reduces discoloration by removing excess pigment from the top layers of the epidermis, evens out the skin tone, prolonging the effects of the treatment. It regulates the synthesis of melanin and increases the skin's resistance to the formation of new pigmentation changes. - REGENERATING - stimulates the skin renewal system, rebuilds its structure by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. - SOOTHING - soothes irritations and redness, activates the natural protective functions of the skin.
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