FARMONA REVOLU C WHITE Active whitening set: 10* active whitening concentrate, 10* mask activator - pure vitamin C, 10* brightening mask - base 10x5ml
A professional line designed for the care of skin with discolorations, based on a comprehensive approach to skin brightening. Its action focuses on regulating the work of melanocytes and controlling disorders related to the incorrect distribution of pigment in the skin. Carefully developed formulas of preparations are aimed at optimal use of modern active ingredients. Intended for: all skin types with discoloration - hormonal, sun, post-acne, age, gray, tired, uneven skin tone Content: 10x concentrate, 10x pure vitamin C, 10x mask base
EFFECTS: - inhibition of tyrosinase activity, reduction of melanin synthesis, lightening of discolorations, even skin tone, increasing the skin's resistance to new pigment changes, brightening and adding radiance to the skin. - effects of the mask with the activator: inhibition of tyrosinase, reduction of melanin synthesis, reduction of discoloration, brightening of the skin, stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, optimal hydration, regeneration, reduction of irritation and redness.
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