FARMONA RETIN GOLD Bioactive gold tightening concentrate 30ml
Gold is one of the rarest elements in nature, its healing and caring properties have been known for hundreds of years. The specialists of the FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory decided to combine the effects of colloidal gold with retinol and created a luxurious firming and illuminating treatment for the face, neck and cleavage. Thanks to properly selected active ingredients, it makes the skin look younger, full of radiance and energy.
DESTINATION: all types of mature skin (50+), skin with clear signs of aging, requiring brightening and firming.
EFFECTS: stimulation of vitality and strengthening of the epidermis, improvement of the biomechanical properties of the skin - firmness, elasticity and density, smoothing and shallowing of wrinkles, immediate illumination, restoration of youthful glow and rested appearance. COMPREHENSIVE IMPROVEMENT OF THE SKIN'S SPRING FIBER ARCHITECTURE.
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