The Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco SDE-BM50M brushless milling machine is a cutting-edge device that combines advanced technology with a sleek white and gray design. This milling machine is equipped with the super quiet and powerful SDE-BM50M head, ensuring high performance with minimal noise and vibration. It is specifically designed for professional use in cosmetic clinics and is perfect for pedicure treatments.

One of the standout features of this milling machine is its brushless motor, which provides a smooth and efficient operation. With a variable speed range of 0-50,000 rotations per minute, you can easily adjust the milling speed to suit your specific needs. The 2.32mm diameter milling bits can be effortlessly changed with the TWIST-LOCK handle, allowing for quick and convenient tool swaps.

The Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco SDE-BM50M milling machine offers a total power output of 60W, ensuring optimal performance and precision. The base of the machine weighs 1.6kg and has dimensions of 141 x 186 x 97mm, providing a stable and sturdy platform for your milling tasks. It can be powered by either 110-220V and 50-60Hz, making it suitable for use in various locations.

This milling machine also features a pedal control system, allowing for hands-free operation. Additionally, it is equipped with an automatic overload protection system, ensuring safe and reliable operation for extended periods of time. The Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco SDE-BM50M milling machine can even be laid on its side for convenient storage.

The package includes the milling machine head, base, foot pedal, headstand, instruction manual, and warranty. Rest assured, this product is an original Saeyang/Marathon product, proudly made in Korea.

With its powerful motor, intuitive operation, and high-quality construction, the Saeyang Marathon Handy Eco SDE-BM50M brushless milling machine is a must-have for professionals in the cosmetic industry. Experience the joy of effortless and precise milling with this exceptional product from Saeyang.

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