The annular fluorescent lamp of constant light is ideal for photography of the face as well as small objects and macro photography. The make-up works perfectly, which is indispensable in every cosmetic sanatorium. The lamp ensures long-term trouble-free operation and excellent color reproduction.
Easy installation on a stable metal tripod ensures extremely comfortable work with the lamp. The internal reflecting surface allows for high lighting efficiency, and the shape of the circle makes the photographed object evenly illuminated from all sides and there is no need to provide other light sources.
Technical data:
- power: 35W
- color temperature: 5400 K
- diameter 12 "
- weight: 1.9 kg
- adjustable arm for mounting to a tripod
- warranty: 12 months
The composition of the set:
- lamp with bulb
- adjustable tripod, max height 185cm
- a bag for carrying the lamp
- diffuser
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