BARBICIDE HAND DISINFECTION KIT for disinfecting hands and skin 1000 ML + 250 ML
Professional alcoholic liquid for disinfecting skin and hands.
Effective disinfection of the skin and hands
Disinfectant and antiseptic liquid for hygienic hand disinfection by rubbing.
Effective protection against any mechanism of transmission of infection, e.g. by droplets (sneezing).
In addition, it contains aloe vera, which cares for the skin and prevents it from drying out. Also recommended for allergy sufferers.
The effectiveness of the preparation has been tested in dirty conditions, so it can be used on microbiologically contaminated skin.
It meets the requirements of standards for the medical area, including PN-EN 1500.
As recommended by WHO, it contains ethanol, which is effective in destroying COVID-19
The product has a bactericidal and yeasticidal effect.
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