Cosmetic harvester BN-1608A

19 functions in one device

A modern, multifunctional cosmetic combine with 19 modules. The device allows you to perform as many as seventeen specialized and advanced care and therapeutic treatments. Operation of the harvester is intuitive and does not cause any problems. In addition, to facilitate everyday use, the device can be freely configured - plug and unplug modules that enable functional, independent parts of the control panel. The 19-in-1 BN-1608A beauty combine will change your SPA salon or beauty salon into a professional wellness and aesthetic medicine center!

Cosmetic combine 19in1 BN-1608A

19in1 cosmetic combine - one device - many new possibilities

The 19in1 beauty harvester is an elegant and modern equipment that looks great in every beauty salon. Its intuitive operation via the touch screen makes the device extremely easy to use, while providing the possibility of advanced adjustment of the parameters of the treatments performed.

The BN-1608A multifunctional device is a solution that will provide the opportunity to introduce many new treatments to the offer of your beauty salon, turning it into a professional beauty care center. By investing in a multifunctional device - you will easily expand the offer of your beauty salon and gain a competitive advantage.

19in1 cosmetic combine modules

Cosmetic combine 19in1 BN-1608A - tips for treatments
  • microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasounds
  • Cavitation peeling
  • vacuum
  • Spray
  • d'arsonval / High-frequency / electrotherapy
  • Brush
  • Electroplated with iontophoresis function
  • Bio Face Lifting
  • Hot Cold
  • steamer
  • Active Ozone
  • aromatherapy
  • 8dpi magnifying glass lamp
  • Photon - light therapy
  • Hot Cabinet - towel warmer
  • UV sterilizer
  • Remover Spot - closing capillaries
  • Wood's lamp


Microdermabrasion - one of the most popular treatments performed in beauty salons. The microdermabrasion treatment allows you to achieve visible results in a short time. Microdermabrasion is a needle-free and bloodless method of rubbing off successive layers of the epidermis until the desired result is obtained. As a result of the treatment, we obtain a clear smoothing and refreshing of the skin and improvement of its color and elasticity. Microdermabrasion effectively removes discolorations, smoothes wrinkles, narrows enlarged pores, reduces stretch marks, scars and keloids.

Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling (Ultrasonic peeling) is a treatment consisting in cleansing the skin using ultrasonic waves. The cavitation peeling treatment allows you to remove excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, cleanses the skin of calloused epidermis, blackheads, blackheads and bacteria. Peeling is a non-invasive procedure, it affects the skin gently through pleasant vibrations, the treatment does not use electric current. Cavitation is often used as an introduction to further cosmetic treatments, e.g. before the introduction of acids or ionopheresis.


Ultrasound therapy uses the phenomenon of an acoustic wave, which improves blood circulation in the skin. The treatment is used to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, frostbite and neuralgia. When using a cosmetic treatment with ultrasound, it is possible to introduce active substances into the skin with nutritional, moisturizing, oxygenating or regenerating purposes.


Underpressure used to carry out the vacuum massage procedure, which improves the blood supply to the skin surface and circulation in the area of the performed treatment. The Vacuum treatment effectively closes the pores and removes dead cells polluting the skin, resulting in exceptionally effective and deep cleansing of the skin.

Bio Face Lifting

Bio Face Lifting is a technique of lifting the face, neck and body using probes emitting microcurrents. Microcurrents allow the activation of regenerative processes taking place inside the cells, thanks to which we obtain the effect of skin revitalization. Electrostimulation is an extremely effective way to stimulate the reconstruction of collagen and elastin fibers - key factors smoothing the skin. Specialist laboratory tests and clinical tests have shown that treatments with the use of microcurrents accelerate the rate of cell renewal by as much as 35%.

D'arsonval / High-Frequency / electrotherapy

A treatment that allows you to perform electromassage using the so-called d'Arsonval currents. The treatment uses a glass electrode responsible for the flow of currents that have a stimulating effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissues, muscles and indirectly on internal organs. Electric charges cause the expansion of skin blood vessels, increase the absorption of nutrients contained in cosmetic preparations. The process also produces ozone, which has a bactericidal effect.


Skin massage system and support for face, neck, cleavage and body peeling. In the BN-1608A cosmetic combine , the Brush treatment can be performed using various attachments, which ensures adaptation to the appropriate body part and gives full universality. Brush massage treatment increases the intensity of the impact of active substances contained in cosmetics.


The Galvan module is used to carry out galvanization treatments, iontophoresis and other therapies based on the use of the effect of galvanic current on the tissues of the body. Galvan can be used in the treatment of neuralgia, chronic neuritis, vascular disorders, frostbite, rosacea and common acne as well as skin and muscle flaccidity, treatment of scars, allergies and other diseases.

Lamp with a magnifying glass

Extremely useful tool for many cosmetic procedures. The 19-in-1 cosmetic combine has a magnifying lamp made of high-quality refractive glass and a built-in lighting system that enable perfect skin diagnosis. The lamp is placed on an ergonomic boom, which makes it easy to set it at a certain distance and height, which ensures high comfort during cosmetic procedures.

Hot Cold

Dual-purpose hot-cold head. The heating head can be used before many treatments to dilate blood vessels and accelerate the absorption of nutrients. After the treatments - the cooling head soothes irritations and redness of the skin and closes the pores. The specificity of the Hot-Cold module makes it mainly intended for combining with other cosmetic treatments, which is enabled by the cosmetic combine .


Wapozon, ozone - a module working with the use of steam. Used to moisturize and soften the skin, as well as opening pores and relaxing facial muscles. The cleansing treatment and prepares the skin for further treatments, enables the use of aromatherapy and herbal therapy. In addition, the ozone generated during the operation of the wapozone has a bactericidal effect.


Spray - overpressure that can be used to spray liquids such as tonics, water, fragrance oils or other cosmetic preparations (e.g. for spray tanning or cold spray moisturizing).

Photon Therapy

A modern and non-invasive regenerative treatment for the skin. The therapy uses low-frequency light to stimulate the biological activity of the skin. Thanks to the wide spectrum of colors, the module provides the possibility of treating a wide variety of skin problems.

Hot Cabinet

A cabinet for heating towels and other textiles used during treatments in beauty salons. Hot Cabinet also provides sterilization, thanks to which customers of beauty salons can always be sure of high-quality service and safety of used towels.

UV sterilizer

UV sterilization is one of the key factors determining the safety and professionalism of a beauty salon. UV radiation has a bactericidal effect, guarantees the safety of both clients and staff performing treatments.

Remover Spot

A module used to close capillaries and remove pigmentation changes and growths on the skin surface using high-frequency currents.

Wood's lamp

Long-wave ultraviolet radiation gives the opportunity to thoroughly analyze the skin. Depending on the type of skin and diseases, the skin illuminated with a Wood's lamp shows multicolored reflections.


The device is covered by a 12-month warranty implemented in Poland. Each device comes with a warranty card and a manual in Polish.

12 months warranty


Optional - it is possible to take advantage of certified training in the operation of the device.

The training includes theoretical preparation regarding :

  • indications and contraindications for microdermabrasion,
  • indications and contraindications for performing cavitation peeling,
  • indications and contraindications for the use of ultrasound,
  • indications and contraindications for the use of the photon head,
  • indications and contraindications for the use of bio-lift,
  • indications and contraindications for using other functions of the combine harvester,
  • skin preparation and treatment techniques,
  • preparation of the workplace and hygiene rules at the workplace,
  • overview of devices available on the market,
  • discussion of selected cosmetics used during microdermabrasion, cavitation peeling, sonophoresis, bio-lift, photon, other functions of the combine and for post-treatment care.

Practical training includes:

  • microdermabrasion demonstration,
  • cavitation peeling demonstration,
  • demonstration of the use of the hot-cold head,
  • demonstration of the use of the photon head,
  • bio-lift demonstration,
  • sonophoresis demonstration,
  • demonstration of other combine harvester functions
  • performance of microdermabrasion treatments, cavitation peeling, photon, bio-lift, sonophoresis and other combine functions on the model.

The training is completed with the issuance of a personal certificate confirming the skills.

  • Training duration: 1 day.
  • Place: Wrocław
  • Price: PLN 1000

Data sheet


50 kg
External dimensions of the device
12 month
In Poland
Cavitation peeling
Diamond Microdermabrasion
0 Item

Data sheet


50 kg
External dimensions of the device
12 month
In Poland
Cavitation peeling
Diamond Microdermabrasion

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